Sitting on the bus reflecting on last night and it was really amazing. I love seeing our team in their element. So many people pour themselves out to make these events happen. The greatest encouragement is to hear at the end of all that effort that people have encountered the Lord. 

I personally had a pretty special moment with the Lord as well. During "King of My Heart" I heard the whole room singing the line "YOU'RE NEVER GONNA LET ME DOWN". I love that line because I can think of so many different circumstances and seasons where that is exactly what I needed to believe in the midst of uncertainty. Just to remember we may not know how everything is going to unfold but God truly, in the end, will never let us down. 

Anyway, Houston really was amazing. It still amazes me that when we come to minster to the Lord and minster to His church, often times we find ourselves on the receiving end of God's love. 

If you were there last night I would love to hear how the Lord encountered you. Hop on Instagram and share. :) 

Next stop is ORLANDO! See ya there!